Elecnor has accumulated over 40 years of experience in developing telecommunications infrastructure and systems for telephone companies spanning the entire telecommunications network, from engineering through construction, equipment installation, subscriber connection and network maintenance. 

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4G nodes maintained

Its main business areas are:

Telecommunications infrastructure
Systems and Networks
Security Systems
Automation and Infrastructure Control
Smart Cities
Industrial Automation
Telecommunications infrastructure

Elecnor takes part in deploying networks for the main telecommunications utilities, providing:

  • Engineering services for both fixed line (FTTH) networks and mobile (LTE) networks
  • Fixed and mobile network construction services: FTTH, HFC, LTE
  • Network and subscriber maintenance services
  • Equipment installation, transport (WDM), and switching (IP) services
Systems and Networks

Elecnor's Systems and Networks Division is staffed by highly qualified technicians who can offer network and system integration engineering services able to meet the needs of both the public sector and private industry:


  • Integral data centre construction

  • Control centre construction


  • Network architecture. Networking, mobility, WLAN, and access

  • Cooperation. Unified communications, data/video/voice over IP

  • Network security, auditing, advisory services, and installation

  • Network management and monitoring services


  • Virtualisation

  • Storage


  • Migration of PDH/SDH/SONET services to IP networks

  • Emergency radio communications systems

  • Audiovisual systems

  • IP public address systems for large facilities

Security Systems

Elecnor offers a range of security engineering services through its National Police Headquarters approved subsidiary Elecnor Seguridad [Elecnor Security]:

  • Intrusion prevention system installation and maintenance (CCTV, image analysis, perimeter protection, etc.) and access control.
  • Fire protection systems (FPSs). Detection system installation and maintenance and fire extinguishing systems.
  • On-board security systems for rolling stock.
  • Integration platforms for integrated centralisation and operation of the various systems.

Automation and Infrastructure Control

Elecnor has a track record of installing infrastructure automation and control systems dating back more than 30 years. Its highly qualified technical team backed by the main manufacturers operating in the sector enable it to carry out projects and offer automation-related services for:

  • Building technology systems (BMS, Building Management Systems) for hospitals, shopping centres, hotels, universities, etc.
  • Technical infrastructure and systems for the transport sector (airports, railways, ports, underground and metropolitan railways, tunnels, etc.)
  • Infrastructure for the energy industry (power plants and networks and electricity distribution, wind power, photovoltaic power, solar thermal power, etc.)
  • Infrastructure for the environmental sector (irrigation system controls, water treatment plants, etc.)
Smart Cities

Elecnor is an active player in developing smart cities. It has the know-how, and in recent years that know-how has only grown:

  • Energy and the environment: comprehensive management of street lighting and energy efficiency, air quality control, etc.
  • Water cycle: decorative fountain management, irrigation management for parks and gardens, wastewater management, rainwater management, water supply management, etc.
  • Traffic: city traffic management, registration plate reader systems, city tunnel monitoring, electric automobile fleet management, smart parking systems, etc.
  • Public safety: comprehensive safety management in urban areas and urban infrastructure.
  • Telecommunications: network equipment and infrastructure.
  • City control centres.

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Industrial Automation

Elecnor is keen to offer industry specific ideas and approaches designed to enhance manufacturing productivity.

  • Process automation. Systems for improving manufacturing efficiency (PLC, SCADA, DCS programming, manufacturing recipes, historian servers, etc.)
  • Operations automation. Manufacturing execution, or MES, systems (launching manufacturing orders, product genealogy and traceability, OEE and other KPI monitoring, online quality, ERP and process control system connectivity, etc.)
  • Industrial cyber security. It performs security audits to ensure industrial network communications security.
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