Power generation

Elecnor has built up a solid store of engineering and technical know-how in the field of power generation. This know-how has gained expression in a number of exceptional projects that have highlighted the company's ability to draw maximum yields and performance from the energy sources in our environs.

The company's activities in this field run the gamut from turn-key projects to operation and maintenance, turning it into a synonym for excellence the world over.

Elecnor's internationalisation allows it to undertake large renewable generation projects all over the world, developing wind, solar, thermoelectric, hydroelectric and biomass projects.

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Wind Farms
Solar plants
Hrydroelectric power plants
Combined cycle power plants
Wind Farms
  • Viability studies
  • Economic and financial studies
  • Handling administrative paperwork for projects
  • Obtaining licences and permits
  • Detailed engineering and building projects
  • Turn-key construction
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Operation management

A visit to the Osório wind farm in Brazil

Building of the L'Érable wind farm

PE. Al Rajef

Solar plants


Elecnor has developed its own proprietary style of designing and building large photovoltaic facilities that has become the reference standard in the Spanish market.

The experience and trailblazing expertise of its photovoltaic subsidiary Atersa have, moreover, made Elecnor into one of the companies with the largest production capabilities for all the equipment and components for all solar power system designs encompassing both off-grid and grid-connected PV systems. Visit Atersa Shop's website for pointers and advice, and the full range of products is available on its online shop.

Elecnor has completed more than 60 photovoltaic power projects that are in operation around the globe, with over 1 GW of installed power.


Elecnor also has the financial and technical wherewithal needed to be able to design, supply, build, commission, operate, and maintain solar thermoelectric power stations using cylindrical parabolic collector technology. This is borne out by its construction of three thermoelectric power stations rated at 50 MW each, two in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) and one in Badajoz.

Photovoltaic power plant

Atersa, in pictures

Elecnor, benchmark in solar thermal energy

Hrydroelectric power plants

The company's activities in the field of hydroelectric power stations range from building turn-key projects to operation and maintenance.

Elecnor has designed and built a great many plants and has the know-how to take part in all project stages. In recent years it has carried out large turn-key hydroelectric projects, particularly in the international arena.

In Spain, it has played a major role in large power station projects and has also worked as the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor for mini power plants.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Biomass power plant construction
  • Topographical and geotechnical surveys/li>
  • Biomass cogeneration
  • Steam production
Combined cycle power plants
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Supplying equipment
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Project references
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