We are agents of change and
The Elecnor Group brings infrastructures, energy and services to territories all over the world so that they can develop their potential. It puts engineering and technology at the service of people.

Elecnor puts people, their safety and well-being at the centre

The Elecnor Group is a global company that drives its purpose with a people-based business model and believes in generating shared value and sustainability.

Sustainability in the Elecnor Group is considered inherent in the entire development of its activities and business strategy, as well as in its relations with its stakeholders. 


The Elecnor Group is one of the key agents in the development and progress of society. Its infrastructure, renewable energy, water and environmental projects provide solutions to some current and future challenges, such as climate change, the reduction of inequalities and the energy gap, among others. 

By joining the United Nations Global Compact, we formalise our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 10 Principles of the Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption. 

United Nations Global Compact Certification

Within the framework of the company’s Sustainability Policy, the Management of the Elecnor Group wishes to confer the utmost rigour on its policies of Environmental Management, Quality Management, Health and Safety Managment, Energy Management, R&D&i Management, Information Security and Risk Management. These seven driving forces make up the Integrated Management Policy of the Elecnor Group, each with its own specific objectives and strategies, but all with the same mission: the continuous improvement of the organisation.

These are the principles that govern the Integrated Management System:  

Strict compliance with current applicable legislation and other requirements that the company observes in all the markets in which it operates.

Prevention of damage to and deterioration of the Group’s employees’ health, by improving their working conditions in order to increase the level of protection of their health and safety.

Creation of a positive impact of its activities on the social environment. Improvement of competitiveness through R&D&i.

Prevention of pollution.

Effective and efficient protection through a focus on information use that is preventive, perceptive, responsive and dynamic

Integration of risk management into the organisation’s activities using a preventive approach which makes it possible to anticipate, manage and control the risks which the Group is exposed to.

Efficient energy use and consumption.

Customer satisfaction.

Integrated Management System Policy

The Elecnor Group has various policies that specify and demonstrate its principles, values and commitments, both to its employees and to the business environment and society in general.

These commitments are transferred to its operational management both through its Strategic Sustainability Plan and the different management systems it has established, including the Corporate Social Responsibility Management System, the Compliance System and the Integrated Management System.